Better is Always Possible

Until now, performance review conversations have been infrequent, time consuming & often disconnected from actions. It is now globally accepted that valuable coaching moments and people engagement opportunities are being missed.


Engage your Team,
To their maximum.

RPM360 supports existing HR systems investments by highlighting opportunities for powerful conversations on personal growth & development, innovation, leadership & teamwork.

  • Prepare

  • Perform

  • Help Others

Your Own Best Coach

RPM360 applies the belief that we can all become our ‘own best coach’ and uses digital ‘social-style’ connectivity to improve the timing and ways of thinking about how we prepare, perform and help others to achieve our success objectives.


RPM360 is underpinned by relevant and applicable people performance philosophies drawn from deep business and elite athlete experiences. These insights guide why and how people and teams strive to achieve long-term high-performance.  


RPM360 quietly alerts people to think and provide sentiment ratings about themselves, their teams and leaders. This creates awareness of their contribution and highlight coaching opportunities that can lead to timely high-performance conversations and actions.


RPM360 is a secure web and mobile (iOS and Android) platform that uses mobility and ‘social’ mechanisms to keep things simple. It’s design ensures individuals can be honest in their sentiment without fear of ‘big brother’ concerns.

Become Your Own Best Coach


If your talent-focused organisation is ready to help their people, teams and leaders achieve their personal and professional best, please contact us.

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